bimco's core service consists of a monthly subscription fee per user which provides overall BIM Management, on-demand remote support, access to a library of quality Revit content, practical BIM Standards and structured training.

Since research, training preparation, publishing standards and content development is shared across multiple firms, we provide a competitively priced solution for firms unable to provide an in house BIM Manager. We can either supplement your BIM Manager or provide all the BIM services your firm requires.


Good quality documentation starts with a sound base. For BIM to truly work, you need a multifaceted approach focusing on industry leading standards, an intelligent object library, an expert support network and a quality training programme.

With experience in successfully implementing and managing BIM across firms from 5 to 100+ staff, you’re in good hands with bimco.


Ensure your staff are not getting tied down resolving technical BIM issues and are remaining productive on documentation and design.

Our service includes on-demand support from trained BIM Managers. As Certified Autodesk Revit professionals and having an extensive background working in the industry, we are equipped with knowledge to guide you through any BIM challenge.

BIM Content

Gain access to a high quality, reliable object library that documents cleanly and is optimised for scheduling. bimco developed content is built to industry standards and tested in real projects.

As part of your subscription to bimco, users gain access to all new content plus upgrades as it is released and we keep you up to date with freely available Revit objects screened by us. Our service includes an allowance for content building and upgrading upon request from subscribers. 


With over a decade of BIM experience, we have refined workflows that maximise productivity. Our approach includes a 'right tool for the job' methodology and we recommend practical workflows focusing on using BIM software's strengths and understanding where a different approach might be required.

Standards are constantly tested, refined and distributed so you stay up to date with industry best practice.


Knowledgeable staff leads to productivity and staying ahead of the game requires continual training. As part of our service, we provide live training sessions for all bimco subscribers. We are able to tailor courses to suit the proficiency of staff or to focus on required skills development of your choice.


Give yourself and your client confidence in the design by validating your model through simulations which aide you to refine and produce a better design outcome. 

We can provide model audits, daylight factor analysis, direct sunlight and Computational Fluid Dynamics studies (indicative wind studies).

All analysis is charged as an additional service and is not part of the bimco subscription.