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Read on below to learn about the culture and values at bimco.

bimco is a leader

bimco's services are based on the simple principle of providing services that make our client's job easier and more productive.

We have a unique service that covers the entire BIM ecosystem removing the barriers to quality BIM deliverables making it accessible and profitable regardless of the scale of our clients.

bimco is a force for good and we believe BIM should augment the design processes and not be an inhibitor to quality design.

bimco is a career

Transparency and open knowledge sharing is embedded within the way we work at bimco. We operate as a collective brain sharing ideas, testing theories and discussing the best approach to finding solutions. This approach provides everyone in the team with exposure to all facets of being skilled BIM Managers. Tasks are diverse and innovation is constant when working at bimco.

For those willing to learn, we provide a rewarding and progressive career at bimco and can shape your role to fulfil your personal and professional pursuits.

bimco is innovative

We're in the business of solving problems efficiently though forward thinking and innovation. We are truly unique in the field as there is no other business offering the breadth of bimco's services allowing for our clients to have a simple and effective solution to having a comprehensive BIM system.

We are consistently raising the bar in our service offering to position ourselves as the market leader in BIM solutions. As we grow, our standards improve, our content database grows, our knowledge expands and our training & support becomes more comprehensive.

bimco is fun

We like to keep things a bit lighter by just being a bit more friendly and relatable in our interactions. We find it lightens the mood in the serious nature of the industry and is well received from our clients. This might be a bad pun in our communications or playing a few games at social events.

There's no reason you can't do a great job whilst having a bit of fun along the way - we like to think we've proven that!

bimco is social

The bimco office is decked out with a pool table, arcade machine and a stocked fridge, the perfect equation for bringing the team together to wind down after a solid week working the BIM.

Our social events include our annual off-road croquet challenge which pits your skills in delivering a small spherical object through various hoop checkpoints around a challenging and unpredictable (read ridiculous) course.

bimco is sustainable

Whether it be utilising daylight to light the office, utilising passive heating/ cooling, selecting B Corp suppliers, recycling or right down to rechargeable batteries for devices, we do what we can in any small way to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

We run a paperless office by leveraging technology to be innovative digital record keepers making us more efficient and mobile.

bimco gives back

Each year, bimco donates a portion of profits to charity. We believe that we've got an obligation to be 'part of the solution' and are fortunate to share the success we have had in growing our business with giving back.

We take money we would otherwise spend on marketing and pass it on to charity with the understanding that doing good is good for business.

bimco looks after its own

We genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of our team and do what we can to provide a working environment that encourages our team to feel that being a part of bimco means knowing you have decent equipment to get the job done and respects your long term health.

The bimco team is provided with adjustable sit/stand desks for encouraging good posture, powerful laptops for true remote capacity, ultrawide monitors for reducing strain and a headset of your choice for when you need to be in 'focus mode'.

We start on time and go home on time - something of a rarity in our industry.

bimco values family

As a mum + dad duo, we're family owned and stem from humble beginnings out in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We provide our team with working options to allow for a real work / life balance whether it be working from home, flexible hours, allowances for leave + ability for our team to make up hours when they have things they would like to do in their personal life such as family events, personal endeavours, education or even to have some time off to get on top of 'life admin'.